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Panel Discussion 1: Genesis and Development of the Southern Caribbean Margin and Implications for the Current Basin Configuration

SW Caribbean Virtual Symposium Presentation
AAPG Distinguished Lecture

Hear Jim Pindell, Paul Mann, Augustin Cardona and Camilo Montes debate the genesis and development of the Southern Caribbean Margin and its implications for the current basin configuration.

The panel took place on 23 July 2020, as a part of the Southwest Caribbean Basins Virtual Research Symposium.


Paul Mann, University of Houston

Paul earned a BSc from the Oberlin College and a PhD from the State University of New York at Albany, both degrees in Geology.

He currently is Professor of Geology at the Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Houston, where he teaches, researches and supervises grad and undergrad students, and service to the EAS Dept. and other groups. He has also operated an oil industry-funded research group since 2005. Paul is a member of AAPG, GSA, AGU, SEG and HGS.

James Pindell, Tectonic Analysis

Jim earned a BSc from the Colgate University, a MSc from the State University of New York at Albany, and a PhD from the Durham University UK.

With 35 years of experience, he is currently the director at Tectonic Analysis Ltd. In Duncton, West Sussex, U.K., where he is on charge of leading research programs. Jim’s professional memberships includes AAPG, GSA, AGU, GSL and HGS.

Victor Ramirez, Hydrocarbon and Energy Consultant

Victor is a geologist from Universidad Nacional de Colombia and earned a MSc in Geology from the University of Alabama.

In his more than 26 years of experience in the industry he worked at Ecopetrol S.A. for 22 years. He is currently independent Hydrocarbon and Energy Consultant.

Victor has been actively involved with professional associations and leadership. He is a member of AAPG since 1993, where he was president of AAPG Latin America & Caribbean Region on 2013-2015 term. He is also past president of ACGGP.

Agustín Cardona, Universidad Nacional de Colombia-Medellín

Camilo Montes, Universidad del Norte

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