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Fractured Geothermal Systems: Processes Enabling and Hindering Fluid Flow

AAPG Presents Series

AAPG Presents Series


Presented by David McNamara, University of Liverpool

A 60-90 minute talk on "Fractured geothermal systems: Processes enabling and hindering fluid flow". Summary: Many geothermal systems are hosted within rocks where permeability is predominantly controlled by open structural networks. On the flip-side, fracture, if sealed with mineral material following fluid-rock interactions, can also form fluid flow baffles in geothermal systems. Characterisation of these structural networks and how they evolve is critical if we are to understand how they facilitate geothermal fluid circulation through the crust and improve well targeting and field planning. Doing this requires the adaptation of a range of existing analytical and sub-surface characterisation techniques, including borehole imaging, and mineral microanalysis. This talk will explore the use of these techniques to geothermal systems, highlighting where it has brought new insights to this sector.

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