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Explorer Live! (Episode 7)


Go deeper into the April Explorer with this lively and informative video presentation, this month featuring:

  • Fantastic updates: Tim Shin talks to salt tectonic expert Mark Rowan about how industry’s understanding of salt diapirs is improving – and what that means for tomorrow’s exploration potential.
  • Principal investigator Joseph Moore tells Sarah Barnes about the historic, granite-piercing advances involving geothermal research and development at Utah’s FORGE project – and the resulting new global potential.
  • Community service: Lisa Chisholm, co-chair of AAPG’s new Kuala Lumpur Special Interest Group, tells why she helped start a diverse group devoted to geoscience, networking and community – and the determination to keep it going through a pandemic.

Plus AAPG president Rick Fritz shares some important updates involving ACE 2021 plus other big changes for AAPG, and editor Bob Merrill talks about an exciting new chapter in the life of DEG’s journal, Environmental Geosciences – a development designed to shine a brighter spotlight on both DEG and AAPG’s global impact.

All that, and more, in this month’s Explorer Live!

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