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Explorer Live! (Episode 6)


The March edition of the Explorer Live! is available for streaming.

Go deeper into the March Explorer with the lively and informative video podcast featuring:

  • Jeff Aldrich and John Seidel talking about the elusive and elastic history of “sweet spots.”
  • Jorge Calvache, Ecopetrol’s vice president of exploration, explaining long-term strategies for Colombia’s offshore potential.
  • Linda Sternbach and Julia Lemaster taking a look at how AAPG Sections are adapting and progressing despite the challenges of a COVID world.

Plus AAPG president Rick Fritz talks about the future of AAPG’s governance structure, and elected editor Bob Merrill announces some exciting new plans for the AAPG Bulletin. (Hint: Expanded access for all.)

All that and more – don’t miss this month’s Explorer Live! podcast.

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