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Rachelle Kernen - Lithostratigraphy and Chemostratigraphy of Salt Diapir Sedimentary Inclusions: Unraveling Ediacaran Salt Tectonics in the Flinders Ranges, Australia

AAPG Asia Pacific Presents Series

AAPG Asia Pacific Presents Series


Patawarta Diapir, approximately 2-6km2 located in the Central Flinders Ranges, South Australia, has been interpreted as a single allochthonous salt sheet containing Tonian-aged igneous and layered evaporite sedimentary intrasalt inclusions derived from the Callanna Group. In this webinar, Rachelle Kernen describes the diapir as five primarily silty limestone inclusions (0.5-2km2), re-interpreted as Ediacaran-aged Wonoka Formation and Patsy Hill member of the Bonney Sandstone (Wilpena Group).

Webinar presented Thursday 3 December 2020 at 11:00 SGT (GMT+8) Singapore time

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