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Paul Molnar - Characterizing & Exploiting the "Clear fork Shale" (Midland Basin)

Playmaker Permian Basin | 2015 Midland, Texas

Playmaker Permian Basin | 2015 Midland, Texas


Characterizing and Exploiting the "Clear fork Shale" near the Midland Basin margin in eastern Andrews County, Texas. Presented by Paul Molnar at AAPG/DPA Playmaker Forum in Midland, Texas on 14 January, 2015.

We utilized onsite cuttings geochemistry and wireline logs to select rotary sidewall core points in a vertical well to identify possible horizontal targets on an approximately 8000-gross/net-acre block in eastern Andrews County, near the western margin of the Midland Basin. The “Clearfork Shale” was determined to have the best potential for horizontal exploitation in this area. The “Clearfork Shale” is Leonardian age, equivalent to the “Avalon Shale” in the Delaware Basin and the basal San Andres Formation (not the Clearfork Formation) on the Central Basin Platform. Two different intervals, approximately 250 feet apart stratigraphically, have been tested within the Clearfork Shale. The results are encouraging, and more development is planned when crude price recovers.

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