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Chandler Wilhelm - Welcome to DPA Playmakers

Mid-Continent Playmaker Forum | 2017 Oklahoma City

Mid-Continent Playmaker Forum | 2017 Oklahoma City


DPA Talk at Mid-Continent Playmaker Forum by Chandler Wilhelm in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on 11 May, 2017.

Playmakers are a DPA 1-day immersion program focusing on both the technical and professional aspects of turning prospects into discoveries. The latest plays are featured by those who are leading the success. Geoscientists show other geoscientists their strategies and thought processes so that all may benefit to become better explorers and producers. The Playmaker Forum was founded in 2012 by Charles Sternbach when he was President of DPA. In the last 5 years Charles has chaired the DPA Playmaker committee which has held 10 Playmakers with about 1,500 total attendees. Each of AAPG’s 6 domestic sections and 2 of its international regions have hosted Playmaker events. General Chairs of these events have included Charles Sternbach, Mike Party, John Hogg, Steve Sonnenberg, Rick Fritz, Kurt Neher, David Cook, and others. Thanks to about 100 speakers for sharing their hard-won lessons with fellow explorers. Many presenters have graciously allowed videos or slides to be posted on the DPA webpage and the Search and Discovery Playmaker Special Collection. These resources for explorers have received more than 10,000 views and are an important part of our exploration heritage.

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