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Tim Knobloch - 2016 Marcellus Utica Production Analysis

Pittsburgh Playmaker Forum | 2016 Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Playmaker Forum | 2016 Pittsburgh


2016 Marcellus Utica Production Analysis. Presented by Tim Knobloch at AAPG/DPA Playmaker Forum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 13 April, 2016.

This presentation begins with an overview of Marcellus and Utica Development in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia over time including a summary of the wells drilled state, by operator, and by county. Summaries will also present associated production by state and operator. A regional look will then review Marcellus EUR/1000’ and the progression of the EUR/1000’ over time. A detailed review of one t o two counties per state will then be reviewed showing mapping of the EUR per 1,000’ and example individual well production decline curves as well as EUR by operator. A similar analysis will then be presented for the Utica/Point Pleasant. The materials presented show the significant variation in EUR/1000’ as well as the focused development to date by a relatively limited number of operators.

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