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Charles Sternbach - Heritage of Discovery: Resources for Explorers

Pittsburgh Playmaker Forum | 2016 Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Playmaker Forum | 2016 Pittsburgh


Heritage of Discovery: Resources for Explorers. Presented by Charles Sternbach at AAPG/DPA Playmaker Forum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 13 April, 2016.

Playmaker video presentations (about 20) include case studies, work flows, marketing tips, foundational skill sets, and exciting discoveries in new and emerging plays. Notable examples include: Dan Tearpock “10 Habits of Highly Successful Oil finders”; Dick Stoneburner “The Eagle Ford Shale, New Work Flows for Exploration and Appraisal of Unconventional Reservoirs”. We are building this resource through new forums around the globe. The link to the presentations: http://www.aapg.org/resources/videos/dpa

Discovery Thinking Forum presentations (about 50) include talks by successful explorers about major oil and gas discoveries. The presenters share privileged data and an inside look at how discoveries were made. Two notable presenters (and also recipients of the AAPG Outstanding Explorer Award) include Hans Ronnevik, Lundin, Giant conventional oil discoveries in the Norwegian North Sea, and Bill Zagorski, Range Resources, Giant unconventional oil and gas resources in the Marcellus Shale play. We are building this resource at Discovery Thinking forums at AAPG Annual meetings in the US (ACE) and around the globe (ICE). These talks are located in a special collection on AAPG’s Search and Discovery where they have received more than 20,000 viewings. http://www.searchanddiscovery.com/specialcollections/discoverythinking.html

Downloadable career publications, model form contracts, news, position statements, and many other valuable resources are available on the AAPG/DPA web page. http://dpa.aapg.org/

Charles will demonstrate how explorers can access valuable information from the internet on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device. Many geoscientists already watch a video presentation during their lunch hour of legendary explorers explain how they made significant discoveries. Some geoscientists watch a talk with their team in a conference room and discuss elements of success. You can too! These presentations form an important part of our geoscience heritage. Each of us has the duty to employ this heritage so that we may improve it for those who come after us.

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