ICE 2022


One of the biggest challenges that we have been facing in seismic exploration operations, beyond the technical issues, it has to do with environmental fears, coming not only from local authorities, but also from communities in the exploring areas, what becomes in positions against field seismic operations. ECOPETROL S.A. has been working in solving these challenges and has evaluated several alternatives to mitigate the effect of these issues, which have caused a great impact in the Exploration Portfolio, because there is no new data for interpretation. Among other things that are affecting prospects and plays definition, we can mention the following: drilling opportunities have decreased, there are some areas without seismic information, and there is a high risk in the quality of legacy seismic data. Having these considerations into account, Geophysics team in ECOPETROL S.A. has been working in several strategies, that allows to have an approach with the communities and other stakeholders. The purpose of this action is to show them, in a simple, clear, and assertive way, how seismic acquisition is carried out, and which are the possible impacts on the environment. In this paper, we want to show new strategies, which are looking for an adaptation to the new reality of the industry and the relationship with the environment. Among the most innovating aspects that are being implemented, we can mention the following: 1) learning talks, 2) technical training and workshops with environmental authorities, 3) early approach to the communities, 4) preparing of a libretto with most frequent question and answers about seismic acquisition, 5) technical support to non-geoscientists that work for the projects in the regions, 6) benchmarking to analyze leading edge technologies and their application to the projects, and 7) knowledge transfer to ECOPETROL S.A. professionals. As a result of this strategy, we are looking for a permanent communication with national and regional authorities, and with local communities, since providing them complete and simple technical information about all activities we carry out, it is essential to obtain and get credibility back and thrust in the work that we do in ECOPETROL S.A. In this way, we take care of the environment and give active participation to the communities in seismic exploration projects.