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Jeff Ventura, ACE2013 Michel T. Halbouty Lecture

ACE2013 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

ACE2013 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Range's Path to Discovery and Commercialization of the Marcellus Shale - the Largest Producing Gas Field in the United States. Michel T. Halbouty Lecture presented by Jeff Ventura at AAPG ACE2013 Discovery Thinking in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The Michel T. Halbouty lecture series – funded by the AAPG Foundation – is an ongoing special event at the AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition. Lecture topics are designed to focus either on wildcat exploration in any part of the world where major discoveries might contribute significantly to petroleum reserves, or space exploration where astrogeological knowledge would further mankind’s ability to develop resources on Earth and in the Solar System. 

This year’s Michel T. Halbouty Lecture speaker is Jeff Ventura, President and CEO, Range Resources, Fort Worth, Texas discussing Range’s Path to Discovery and Commercialization of the Marcellus Shale — the Largest Producing Gas Field in the U.S. 

Range’s Marcellus story started in 2003 with a corporate strategy shift from traditional, higher risk exploration to looking for large scale and repeatable resource plays. The Barnett Shale was then recognized as the first successful modern day shale play and industry was searching for the next shale play. The Marcellus opportunity presented itself in 2004, which through a combination of long term vision, opportunistic thinking, creativity, and the ability to break conventional wisdom, provided Range with a path to success, starting with the first vertical completion in 2004. This was followed in 2007 with horizontal success and then rapid expansion of the Marcellus play bringing it to world-wide prominence. The opportunities, challenges, obstacles and breakthroughs were many and often the answer was to break away from old mindsets into new. The Marcellus Shale now is producing more than 8 BCF per day, making it the largest producing gas field in the U.S. 

Jeff Ventura, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director, joined Range in 2003 as Chief Operating Officer and became a director in 2005. He was named Chief Executive Officer effective 1 January, 2012. Previously, Mr. Ventura served as President and Chief Operating Officer of Matador Petroleum Corporation which he joined in 1997. Prior to his service at Matador, Jeff spent eight years at Maxus Energy Corporation where he managed various engineering, exploration and development operations and was responsible for coordination of engineering technology. Previously, he was with Tenneco Oil Exploration and Production, where he held various engineering and operating positions. Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.

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