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Ed LoCricchio - Granite Wash Play Overview, Anadarko Basin

Discovery Thinking Forum, ACE 2012 Long Beach

Discovery Thinking Forum, ACE 2012 Long Beach


Granite Wash Play Overview, Anadarko Basin. Discovery Thinking talk given by Ed LoCricchio at AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Long Beach, California, April 22-25, 2012.

Introduction and Play Highlights

  • Granite Wash play extends over 130 miles across 7 counties in the Anadarko Basin covering 2.5 million acres.
  • Multi-stacked resource play concentrates value with potential of 40 Hz wells/section in Granite Wash.
  • There are almost no federal leases.
  • Established infrastructure is present.
  • Landowners and state governments are industry-friendly.
  • Range of cost of completed wells is $6-9MM.
  • IP Range 50-3,500 BO and 3,000-30,000 MCFGPD.
  • EUR Range 3-17 BCFE.
  • Total Recoverable resources potential of 500 TCFE, (114 BBOE including NGL’s).


  • Desmoinesian Granite Wash Play in the Anadarko Basin is one of the most active plays in the Continental United States.
  • Clastics shed from the Wichita Mountain-Amarillo Uplift were deposited in the Anadarko Basin by sediment gravity flows, creating a massive submarine sand complex.
  • Anomalously pressured hydrocarbon system, both under- and overpressured.
  • Produces both oil and gas, ratios vary laterally and vertically.
  • Minimum of fifteen separate reservoirs.
  • Advent of horizontal drilling technology and isolated multi-stage fracture stimulation has revolutionized play.
  • New technology has enabled development of a giant field within a mature basin.
  • As mapped today this field will take decades to develop, with new isolated reservoirs still being discovered.

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