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Carol Law - Northern Mozambique: True "Wildcat" Exploration in East Africa

Discovery Thinking Forum, ACE 2011 Houston

Discovery Thinking Forum, ACE 2011 Houston


Northern Mozambique: True "Wildcat" Exploration in East Africa. Discovery Thinking talk given by Carol Law at AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition in Houston, Texas, April 10-13, 2011.

Wildcat Success Story

Four Major discoveries

  • Lagosta--550 net feet of pay
  • Barquentine--416 net feet of pay
  • Windjammer--555 net feet of pay
  • Tubarao--110 net feet of pay 2011

Planned Activity

  • Dedicated rig
  • Second rig in fourth quarter
  • Appraise discoveries
  • Continue exploration program

Project Execution

One onshore and six deepwater wells were drilled in the last 15 months; they were intentionally different.

  • Mecupa--onshore extensional play (gas shows)
  • Windjammer--Area 1 Palma foldbelt [t hrust play (gas discovery)]
  • Collier--Area 1 Linique foldbelt [thrust play (TD’d due to mechanical difficulties)]
  • Ironclad--Area 1 Undeformed Cretaceous [deepwater fan system Linque foldbe lt (oil & gas shows]
  • Barquentine--Area 1 Undeformed Oligocene/Paleocene [deepwater fan system Palm a foldbelt (gas discovery]
  • Lugosta--Area 1 combination structural-stratigraphic play (gas discovery) 
  • Tubarao--Area 1 Eocene slope ch annel play (gas discovery)

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