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At the end of 1999 - the latest production figures available from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Division of Mineral Resources - three Trenton-Black River fields were producing in New York.

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There’s a new - some might say urgent - sense of excitement when it comes to the role of shale gas production in today’s energy mix, as well as its potential for the coming years.

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The basement fault block pattern started last month continues. This month the author attempts to substantiate the claim that many oil and gas fields are controlled by basement. Some geologists may concede that the evidence for underlying basement control is convincing.

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This lecture will discuss the differences between carbonates and siliciclastics from their chemical composition through their distributions in time and space. Building on these fundamental differences, we will explore the challenges carbonates pose to petroleum geologists in terms of seismic interpretation, reservoir quality prediction, field development, etc. Peppered with humorous personal stories, still raging academic debates, and the heartfelt frustrations of real industry professionals, the aim is to inspire students and young professionals to rise to the occasion and embrace the reservoir rocks that petroleum geologists love to hate.

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