Field Seminar

ACE FT 01 | Unconventional Carbonate Mud Depositional Environments and Facies Distribution: A Modern Perspective  
Miami, Florida, United States
26 March - 1 April 2017

Carbonate rocks make up the majority of reservoirs being explored and exploited in unconventional resource plays. This trip will spend five days exploring a variety of modern, mud-dominated carbonate settings in South Florida, where the elements influencing the deposition of these unique strata will be observed first-hand and used as learning points for similar ancient deposits.

ACE FT 06 | Shelf to Basin Sequence Framework and Facies Architecture of a Cretaceous Carbonate Ramp: Late Albian Maverick Intrashelf Basin, Southwest Texas  
Houston, Texas, United States
5-10 April 2017

This six day Pecos River Canyon trip uses the superb and remarkably laterally continuous outcrops of this upper Albian ramp-to-intrashelf basin profile to develop a process-based, sequence stratigraphic framework for analogous Cretaceous reservoir systems surrounding the Bab intrashelf basin in the Middle East.

Short Course

ACE SC 11 | Advanced Sequence Stratigraphy for E&P Professionals - SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology)  
Houston, Texas, United States
1-2 April 2017

This two-day short course is designed to teach graduate students the principles, concepts, and methodologies of sequence stratigraphy.

Houston, Texas, United States
2 April 2017

This course addresses how value is created from creativity and innovation. It provides practical tools and methodologies to become more creative, and to make innovation actionable. Creativity and innovation are learnable skills, with step-wise approaches possible. Participants will leave with tools that allow them to formulate an action plan that can be used when they get back to work.

ACE SC 06 | Basin and Petroleum System Modeling in Conventional and Unconventional Petorleum (ADD) Exploration - American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)  
Houston, Texas, United States
1-2 April 2017

This course provides an introduction to Petroleum Systems Modeling (PSM) in Exploration, with both conventional and unconventional examples.

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