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Southward bound – Part II: A team of geoscientists headed to Antarctica to research planetary processes on the world’s last remaining wilderness.

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Antartica provides geoscientists with an outstanding outdoor laboratory to research planetary processes.

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One more time: The AAPG Foundation’s “explorer-in-residence,” Susan Eaton, is returning to Antarctica again on a scientific expedition to study the geology and the climate found at the Bottom of the World.

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AAPG’s prestigious Distinguished Lecturer program, which offers audiences a chance to hear the latest in geoscience research, understanding and practical applications, kicks-off its new season with three speaking tours planned for September.

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Her amazing adventure, part II: AAPG member and EXPLORER correspondent Susan R. Eaton puts her scientific background to use as a member of the Elysium Expedition to Antarctica.

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Her amazing adventure: AAPG member and EXPLORER correspondent Susan R. Eaton got the trip of a lifetime when she was selected for the Elysium Expedition to Antarctica.

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Who doesn’t love a good story? Especially when it involves beating the odds and overcoming insurmountable obstacles – it’s the stuff of which heroes and epics are made.


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Icebreaking vessels are the key to navigating the Arctic, and so are in high demand as oil producers set their sights on the vast oil reserves at the top of the world.

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