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Here, there and everywhere: For the first time, cable-free self-contained nodal systems are being used in an onshore-offshore combination – and in a challenging location.


The impact of the rapid economic growth of “Asian giants” China and India is such that African oil supplies now face increased demand to fuel this growth and, therefore, increased E&P activity.

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Small players, big deals: Independents are becoming increasingly important in Africa’s energy picture.
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Out of Africa: Uganda’s Albert Basin as well as other plays in the East Africa rift valley provides a demanding setting for frontier exploration.

A year to remember: Here’s a look at the important discoveries that made global “hit” parade in 2007.


Quantity, not quality: The past year saw only a few jaw-dropping discoveries, but some important world developments opened new areas, bolstered existing production and provided a solid foundation for the future.

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Since establishment of AAPG Africa in 2000, the Region’s leadership teams over the years have shown strong commitment and passion toward the Association achieving its goals for the region. Their dedicated efforts have resulted in not only an increased awareness of AAPG, but also steady growth of the Region’s membership, from 450 in 1999 to over 3,060 in June 2014.

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