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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea


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This Bulletin Special Issue contains nine papers from the Hedberg Research Conference held in Santa Barbara April 3, 2016. Eight papers discuss BPSM workflows or challenges. One paper describes the current status of BPSM as viewed by the modeling community.

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This Memoir will serve as a reference book on the Arabian plate for geoscientists in the oil industry and academia in the Middle East and worldwide.
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Pore pressure prediction has been a vital concern to the oil and gas industry for many decades. Most petroleum provinces exhibit overpressures, and as the industry explores for deeper targets, encountering high overpressures is becoming more common. As deeper and more complex geology is drilled, the technical difficulties in predicting and safely drilling through overpressures have become more prominent and challenging.
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Originally published in 1991, this memoir offers a unique, detailed analysis on solving one of petroleum geology's most perplexing problems -- reservoir prediction.
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Divided into two parts with 14 chapters and 5 appendices, the data presented in this volume allows faults to be mapped and correlated with more confidence than before, basin evolution to be examined over a long time period, and some relationships between tectonics and sedimentation to be studied.
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This volume contains 10 chapters on coal-bearing strata of Carboniferous through Tertiary age and is based on a special session taht was held at an AAPG Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Contributors have employed a multitude of approaches ranging from basin analysis to plant taphonomy to support a variety of views on the sequence stratigraphy, paleoclimate, and tectonics of coal-bearing strata.
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This book presents detailed case histories released by Soekor (Proprietary) Ltd. of its five-year exploration programs beginning in 1987 in the Pletmos, Bredasdorp, and Orange basins.
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A joint publication of the AAPG and SEG, the product offers 30 profusely illustrated case studies from around the world demonstrating practical applications of 3-dimensional seismic data. It includes detailed illustrations in color and black and white, and covers fluvial-deltaic, eolian, deep-water clastic, carbonate, and structural reservoirs. Special emphasis is placed on the application of 3-D data to development drilling, reservoir characterization, and reservoir management. This atlas is designed to confirm 3-D seismic interpretation in drilling and production.
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20 Feb

AAPG 2020 International Conference & Exhibition - Call for Papers Expires in 1 day

Divisions, EMD, DPA, DEG, PSGD, MemberEurope Region - ...Spain
24 Feb

1st AAPG/EAGE PNG Petroleum Geoscience Conference & Exhibition - Day 1 Expires in 5 days

MemberAsia/Pacific Region - ...Papua New Guinea
24 Feb

Making Good Decisions – An Introduction Expires in 5 days

Asia/Pacific Region - ...Papua New Guinea
24 Feb

Core Workshop Expires in 5 days

Asia/Pacific Region - ...Papua New Guinea

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