Prediction of Reservoir Quality Through Chemical Modeling

Edited by Indu D. Meshri and Peter J. Ortoleva
Originally published in 1991, this memoir offers a unique, detailed analysis on solving one of petroleum geology's most perplexing problems -- reservoir prediction. The book evolved from a 1987 conference and a subsequent half-day research symposium in 1989; it contains 10 chapters that detail the substantial progress made toward the goal of modeling reservoir quality. One facet of chemical modeling, namely porosity prediction, is the thrust of this book. However, chemical modeling has contributed heavily in the field of environmental geochemistry, nuclear waste disposal, and in the thermal recovery of heavy oil and the like, thus one such chapter is included in this memoir.

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AAPG Memoir 49

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Author:Edited by Indu D. Meshri and Peter J. Ortoleva
Release Date:Jan 10, 1991
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