Lacustrine Basin Exploration: Case Studies and Modern Analogs

Edited by Barry J. Katz
Published originally in 1990, this volume contains 20 presentations from the AAPG Research Conference that was convened in 1988 and is divided into five sections that include:
  1. Three chapters dealing with distribution of lakes through time and space
  2. Three chapters that provide an overview of the processes, describe geochemical variability of source rocks and their products, and focus on use of carbon and oxygen isotope data to infer temporal changes
  3. Five chapters devoted to geologic, geophysical, and geochemical work conducted in the east African rift system
  4. Four case studies from North America, in stratigraphic order
  5. Five chapters of case studies exclusive of North America
The challenge for future explorationists will be to fully integrate exploration strategies that consider all major exploration components.

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Author:Edited by Barry J. Katz
Release Date:Mar 10, 1991
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