Energy: A Historical Perspective and 21st Century Forecast

Amos Salvador
Exhaustive study of the historical use of energy is paramount in forecasting future use accurately. The much-needed detailed historical statistical data on human population, energy consumption, and current information about present and possible future sources of energy are assembled in this digital download (formerly a print book).
The publication places particular emphasis on the kind of data that allows trends to be established that can be projected far into the future. It provides the foundation for readers to broaden their knowledge about past energy consumption and its sources of supply. It also furnishes a glimpse into the future of how, and how much, energy will be consumed in the 21st century and what sources will most likely supply it.

The original supplemental data that were included with the printed publication on CD are available in this digital download product.

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AAPG Studies in Geology 54

Formerly a print book, now available on Digital Download.

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Product Code:ADD-732
Author:Amos Salvador
Release Date:Aug 20, 2005
Media:Digital Download