Getting Started #23: Pore Pressure Prediction

Edited by B. A. Couzens-Schultz and N. R. Braunsdorf

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Pore pressure prediction has been a vital concern to the oil and gas industry for many decades. Most petroleum provinces exhibit overpressures, and as the industry explores for deeper targets, encountering high overpressures is becoming more common. As deeper and more complex geology is drilled, the technical difficulties in predicting and safely drilling through overpressures have become more prominent and challenging.

Divided into six chapters, this Getting Started volume covers:

  • the origin and mechanisms for generating overpressure
  • obtaining pressure measurements and other indications of formation pressure
  • using velocity and seismic data to predict pore pressures
  • basin modeling for predicting pore pressure development
  • how well logging measurements, shale sonic travel time, and resistivity and drilling data are used to monitor wells for pore pressure during drilling operations
  • three published, commonly cited case studies that integrate the common techniques used in pore pressure prediction
  • AAPG Datapages Getting Started Series No. 23

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    Author:Edited by B. A. Couzens-Schultz and N. R. Braunsdorf
    Release Date:Mar 01, 2017
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