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David Snyder and Richard Hobbs

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The Atlas explains the rationale, utility and philosophy of BIRPS in its acquisition of deep seismic data for the UK geoscience community between 1989 and 1998. The text and figures show the reader what features and results to look for in the data sets. The digital data allow the user to pursue individual interests in greater depth. Numerous references are provided as well as over 120 figures that illustrate the expertise in acquisition, processing and interpreting deep seismic reflection profiles that the group developed over its 18 years.

  • The first CD contains ten chapters of text describing surveys and research results by thematic topics in a format that is fully portable across all computer platforms.
  • The other two CDs contain BIRPS digital stacked sections (SEG-Y format) with location details and software to read them and do basic interpretation of the data on PCs.

These data are in a standard format that is readily accessible for other computer platforms. Pre-loaded PC-based interpretation software allows the user direct access to the digital data without the need to purchase expensive computer hardware and software. No other national seismic programme has produced integrated text, figures and data as here. This is a highly specialised subject involving costly data acquisition. Its important results are not broadly known and readily available. The CDs will be of benefit to a wide range of geoscientists:

  • The data will be of use to hydrocarbon explorationists to minimize number of 'dry-holes' drilled, particularly in frontier areas.
  • The information on lithospheric structure can be used to constrain models that may improve hit-rate.
  • High quality digital data is now available to research geophysicists and structural geologists without buying expensive hardware and software.

An ideal teaching aid.
Table of Contents
European customers, please order direct from the Geological Society, +44-(0)1225-445046.
Product Code:206
Author:David Snyder and Richard Hobbs
Publisher:Geological Society of London
Release Date:Jun 01, 1999
Media:CD-ROM & Portfolio


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