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Focus On Minerals introduces many common minerals and their gems. Texts and illustrations explain the physical properties useful in identifying different minerals. They include crystal structure (shape), color, streak (mineral powders), luster (appearance in reflected light), hardness, cleavage (breaks along planes of weakness) and others. Precious gems and gemstones hold significant interest throughout our history. Humans advanced their standard of living and culture by progressive uses of ore minerals and industrial minerals. Each of thirty plus minerals named in the book appears in a glossary with photograph and description.

About the Author: Jerry Wermund, Ph.D., had a long geologic career in industry, government and academia. On retirement he began writing books about earth science for children. He authored Earthscapes and The World According to Rock-- both recommended by the National Science Teachers Association. Jerry enjoyed a lifetime love of nature and environment during worldwide travel for job assignments, scientific meetings, and personal recreation. Focus on Minerals reflects his haunting museums, rock shops, and mineral shows since middle school.
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Publisher:Rockon Publishing
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Media:Hardcover (8.25 x 10.25 inches)
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