This useful publication is the most recent in a series of publications on stratigraphical principles and procedure by the Geological Society. It is certainly the largest and most comprehensive guide and, in the main, is well referenced for any reader. I have absolutely no hesitation in suggesting that all geologists should at least read this, and I would hope that all students would be told of it in their lecture courses on stratigraphy; indeed I would have thought that many would be encouraged to buy a copy. I was immediately struck by the range of coverage, as almost every conceivable branch of stratigraphy gets a mention. ...this is a good contribution to the stratigraphy debate and it will be interesting to see how far the suggestions made by the authors are taken up by the community. I, for one, will certainly be insisting that my students read this Professional Handbook.

Malcolm Hart
October 2002
Edited by P F Rawson, P M Allen, P J Brenchley, J C W Cope, A S Gale, J A Evans, P L Gibbard, F J Gregory, E A Hailwood, S P Hesselbo, R W O'B Knox, J E A Marshall, M Oates, N J Riley, A G Smith, N Trewin, and J A Zalasiewicz
Produced by members of the Society's Stratigraphy Commission, the volume explains the different stratigraphical methods, shows how they can be applied by the practicing geologist and, where appropriate, indicates their current limitations. It is a new version of the Society's long-established Guide to Stratigraphicl Procedure, and has been expanded to embrace modern developments in the definition and correlation of rock sequences. It offers clear guidelines on stratigraphical practice but is not intended as a formal stratigraphical code. It is aimed primarily at geologists working in the United Kingdom and therefore mainly utilizes UK examples.
Geological Society Professional Handbook
Product Code:705
Publisher:Geological Society of London
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