The volcanoes of southern Italy show a wide diversity in the type of volcanism. In consequence, the products and the resulting landforms illustrate most of the known volcanic phenomena, all within a small geographic area. Because the area was at the centre of western civilization in classical times, there is a longer, more continuous record of observed volcanism than in virtually any other part of the world. Thus studies of volcanoes in southern Italy have played a central role in the development of ideas in earth science.
The volcanic history, eruptive activity and the products, petrology, and hazard, are described for seventeen volcanic centres, nine of which have been active in historical time. In addition, the human history of those living on the volcanoes is described, as well as some key scientists and their ideas developed from studies of these volcanoes and their activity.
The book is aimed at providing a background for those visiting southern Italian volcanoes on field trips, to start new research or just for general interest, as well as those wanting to find out more about them.
GSL Miscellaneous Publication, Earth in View Series
320 pages, paperback
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