Geology of Petroleum, Second Edition

A.I. Levorsen


This special commemorative edition is a reprint of the classic volume originally published in 1967 by W. H. Freeman and Company. It honors the memory of a truly great scientist, petroleum geologist, and teacher.
For many years, this book was unparalleled as a resource for working petroleum geologists as well as students. Even with the 33 volumes of AAPG's Treatise of Petroleum Geology, Levorsen's single volume of more than 700 pages remains a very useful reference.
With more than 50,000 copies published since the first edition was released in 1954, Geology of Petroleum remains one of the most widely read geology books of all time.
Levorsen's Geology of Petroleum is a classic; a model. For the older set of geologists, it should bring warm memories of words, phrases, maps and descriptions revisited. For the younger set of geologists it should provide a sense of petroleum geology as it was perceived in the 1950s and 1960s, sound, respectable and exciting. For all, the book provides a "window" to Levorsen's enthusiasm, creative thinking and methods; the profession still owes much to him.

Dr. Gary Stewart
Professor Emeritus
Oklahoma State University

AAPG Foundation Commemorative Edition

By A.I. Levorsen

Table of Contents
Introductory Chapter
Product Code:517
Publisher:The AAPG Foundation
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Media:6 x 9 1/2 ", Hardcover

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