This book commences with the history of tektites, from mediaeval China, through finds in Czechoslovakia in the eighteenth century and Darwin’s description while on the Beagle, to twentieth century finds in SE Asia, the Ivory Coast and USA. The four major strewn fields are described, followed by their extension by deep sea finds of microtektites and the recognition of irregular, large layered tektites in SE Asia. Possibly related occurrences in Libya and Tasmania and in older rock systems than the Cenozoic formations of the four strewn fields (including Cretaceous Tertiary boundary formations) are also covered. Tektites are related to a few of the 150 known terrestrial impact studies.

This book will appeal to scientists working in the broad field of meteorites and geologists, as well as astronomers and planetologists. Suitable for use as supporting reading for tertiary courses.
288 pages, paperback
GSL Miscellaneous Publication, Earth in View Series
Product Code:405
Publisher:Geological Society of London
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