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"I would urge sedimentologists, reservoir geologists, reservoir engineers and petrophysicists working on North Sea fields to have a copy of this book close at hand."
Marine and Petroleum Geology

This volume displays large format core photographs from over 1000m (about 3300ft) of core from 56 wells demonstrating representative sections of some of the major depositional systems within the North Sea (UK and Danish Sectors) and UK Continental Shelf. It is hoped that the photographs and their accompanying descriptive texts will be able to demonstrate the lithologies, sedimentary structures and sequences of a number of NW European hydrocarbon reservoir systems in more detail than previously available, and allow these to be reviewed by a wider audience outside the petroleum industry, particularly senior students and researchers who may not have had previous opportunities to examine proprietary subsurface data.

232 pages; Hardback
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Publisher:Geological Society of London
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