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"[This] deserves to be read by geology teachers at all levels, by urban planners, by amateur geology groups and by industry geologists."
Geology Magazine, 134 (1), 1997

The rocks and landforms of Britain contain a unique story; a story of mountain building, climate change and the evolution of life. Only by conserving these rocks and landforms can we tell this amazing story. Conservation is about education and raising public awareness. To be successfully conserved, geology must be valued not just by a handful of geologists, but by all. Over 80% of the population in the United Kingdom live in urban areas: it is to these people that we must take the message of geology if we are to conserve our earth heritage. The geological potential of urban areas has long been documented and described. However, its conservation and use in raising public awareness of geology is a relatively new initiative.

288 pages, 80 illustrations, Paperback
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Publisher:Geological Society of London
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