" [It]should be regarded as of significant interest to palaeoceanographers, marine geologists, glaciologists, climatologists, environmentalists, and to Quaternary geologists."
Geo-Marine letters, 17: 175-177
"This book is a substantial and omportant contribution to our knowledge of Late-glacial palaeoceanographic history."
Journal of Quaternary Science, 13: 177

This book focuses on ice sheet/ocean interactions, on oceanic climate change during the last deglaciation period and on the high temporal resolution that can be obtained from sediment records at continental margin sites. Containing new data and details of new approaches, this is a unifying collection of papers, fully indexed, at the forefront of a rapidly developing subject. It will be of interest to palaeoceanographers, marine geologists, climatologists, environmentalists and Quaternary geologists.

376 pages; Hardback; GSL Special Publication 111
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Publisher:Geological Society of London
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