The influence of Bill Bishop is reflected throughout this volume, even though his sudden death stopped a brilliant research career in full flow. Most of the authors are connected with Bill as research collaborators and students, or as the next generation of students of these supervisors, and much of the research reported here has been aided by grants from the fund that bears Bill's name. The volume begins with an appreciation of Bill's life and work; the research contributions that then follow are arranged in three thematic sections, each with a scene-setting editorial overview:

Part 1.
Early Miocene of Uganda, including the first full account and discussion of the recently discovered oldest known hominoid, Morotopithecus bishopi.

Part 2.
Middle Miocene to Pleistocene of the Tugen hills, Kenya, a comprehensive account of the hominids and their environmental context from members of the Baringo Basin Project.

Part 3.
Quaternary Environments, with particular emphases on the English Midlands, western Scotland and southern Africa.

Throughout this commemorative volume, the determination of editors and authors to place the results of specialist research into their environmental context is perhaps the clearest indication of the visionary influence of Bill Bishop.

Every paper presents new, unpublished research e.g. the first full account of the oldest known hominoid (Uganda), Morotopithecus bishopi; the first integrated account of the Baringo Basin (Kenya) hominids and their environmental contexts; the climatic implications of the ages and directions of the dune winds of southern Africa; new ideas on physical and biological aspects of the British Quaternary.

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