Timanian Orogeny dominates a large part of the Earth's crust of northeastern Europe and comprises the basement to thick hydrocarbon-bearing successions in the overlying Phanerozoic cover. This multidisciplinary volume synthesizes, from foreland to hinterland, the Late Neoproterozoic Timanian Orogeny of northeastern Baltica.

The Neoproterozoic Timanide Orogen of eastern Baltica extends from the high Arctic to the southern Ural Mountains and represents significant crustal growth of the northeastern European continental margin in the late Neoproterozoic. This volume, a co-operation between Western European and Russian scientists within the framework of the European Science Foundation's EUROPROBE programme, provides a comprehensive overview of the orogen and represents a new synthesis of Timanian Orogeny. It includes: the pre-Timanian passive margin deposits of the northern and northeastern flank of the East European Craton; the magmatic, metamorphic and structural evolution of the orogen across the Timan Mountain and Pechora Basin regions to the Ural Mountains; the post-Timanian platform successions, important for interpreting the timing of orogeny and the return to an early Palaeozoic passive margin setting; and the extension of the orogen northwards to Novaya Zemlya. Relationships westwards to the Caledonides of Greenland and Scandinavia and eastwards to the Baikalides of Siberia are also treated.
This volume will be of interest to geoscientists, students and researchers, concerned with orogenic processes and regional tectonics.

GSL Memoir 30

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