Advances in Carbonate Exploration and Reservoir Analysis

Edited by J. Garland, J.E. Neilson, S.E. Laubach and K.J. Whidden


Carbonate reservoirs contain an increasingly important percentage of the world's hydrocarbon reserves. This volume presents key recent advances in carbonate exploration and reservoir analysis. As well as a comprehensive overview of the trends in carbonate over the years, the volume focuses on four key areas: 1) emerging plays and techniques ? with special reference to lacustrine plays in sy-rift basins and development of super-giant heavy oil plays 2) improved reservoir characterization ? with examples from the Middle East and Europe and case studies of how outcrop analogues can provide key data for input to geological models 3) impact of fractures and faults in carbonates ? contributors highlight the need for integrated structural and diagenetic approaches in order to understand how fractures evolve as fluid-flow conduits 4) advances in geomodelling of carbonate reservoirs ? several papers discuss the application of new and innovative geomodelling and geostatistical techniques to carbonate reservoirs.
Special Publication 370
Product Code:1206
Publisher:Geological Society of London
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