Core Workshop Notes No. 22 - Developing Models & Analogs for Isolated Carbonate Platforms - Holocene and Pleistocene Carbonates of Caicos Platform, British West Indies

Edited by William A. Morgan & Paul M. (Mitch) Harris

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For the past 30 some years, the Caicos Platform has been an important area for studies of Holocene and Pleistocene carbonate successions and a destination for numerous geoscientists interested in learning about modern carbonate sedimentary systems.
During the past few years there has been a renewed interest in understanding the geology of the platform, stemming in large part from recognition in the petroleum industry that more refined reservoir models of carbonate systems are needed both in exploration and development. The impetus for this workshop and this volume was a desire to bring together both present and past Caicos Platform workers with those not familiar with the Platform to share knowledge on the Holocene to Pleistocene sedimentology, diagenesis, platform evolution, and the applicability of the platform as an analogue for ancient isolated carbonate platforms.
This volume includes a broad array of papers and is divided into five sections:
  • Introduction
  • Holocene, Platform-Scale Surficial Sediment and Facies Distribution
  • Holocen Subsurface Studies
  • Holocene Sedimentology, Reservoir and Source-Rock Potential
  • Pre-Holocene Platform Evolution Sedimentology, and Diagenesis
SEPM Core Workshop 22
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