AAPG's mission is to provide members, other geoscientists, and, in some cases, nongeologists with timely and useful publications at the lowest possible cost. There are several series of books published by AAPG: Memoirs, Studies in Geology, Archie, Hedberg, Methods in Exploration, and general Special Publications. All AAPG publications go through a proposal and review process overseen by the AAPG Publications Committee and Elected Editor before being accepted for publication. AAPG publishes both hard copy and digital books, as well as hybrid combinations of hard copy and digital. Occasionally, books will be published that do not fall into a Series category, and these are published as general Special Publications, with no series number.

In order to provide the widest possible variety of geoscience petroleum publications to its customers, AAPG also carries titles from several other publishers, including the Geological Society of London, Cambridge University Press, and PennWell Publishing.

This report revises and expands upon the 1976 and 1978 publications for the Dinantian and Silesian, respectively, combining them into a single account of British and Irish Carboniferous stratigraphy.
This softbound volume details the debates at the time of publication on potential man-induced modification of climate.
The 22 papers that make up this volume discuss all aspects of Ferron deposition, distribution, sequence stratigraphy, evolution of coal sequences, development of facies and permeability, growth faulting, paleogeography and interpretation, flow simulation within the reservoir, and coalbed methane development.
This seismic atlas serves as an instructional guide and resource for the interpretation of complex structures imaged in seismic reflection profiles using quantitative fault-related folding theories.
This publication contains 12 extended abstracts and 6 full-length papers that discuss technology development, challenges in estimating proven and potential reserves, outcrop-based studies of potential reservoirs, regional tectonics and geodynamic evolution, and source rock and stratigraphic analysis of the greater Caspian area.
Containing 154 papers, this publication is a collection of both qualitative and quantitative data on deep-water outcrops from around the world that includes all seven continents and 21 countries.
4491 ST58 - Geology of Cuba 1plus4 Rotation
This publication provides a general description of the geology of the island, an updated description of its stratigraphy, and interpretation of its complex structures, some mechanism for its emergence from the Caribbean, and a description of its petroleum occurrences.
4441 ST59 - Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in Geological Media: State of the Science 1plus4 Rotation
This volume presents a compilation of the state of the science contributions from the international research community on the topic of geosequestration of carbon dioxide, including papers on current status and challenges, regional assessment studies, and a discussion of the economics and regulatory aspects.
3988 ST61 Sediment Transfer from Shelf to Deep Water: Revisiting the Delivery System 1plus4 Rotation
This publication explores the growing interest in hyperpycnal and associated flows and hyperpycnites as significant contributors to the deep-water sedimentary record.
This volume is a synthesis of the Stevens system based on advances in interpreting deep-water reservoir systems.
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