DEG Spheres of Influence February 2017

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

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What is the DEG? Get a refresher of the mission statement and purpose of the Division of Environmental Geosciences.


Environmental issues are a worldwide concern - the Division of Environmental Geosciences has an obligation to provide science-based opinions of these issues to educate the public, government officials and other petroleum industry professionals.


Reliable access to safe, clean drinking water is something most people in the United States take for granted. We turn on our tap and out comes clean water! We brush our teeth, wash our clothes, cook our meals and bathe our children. In the United States, it’s abundant, reliable and relatively cheap. Even kings of the past didn’t have such luxury.


While RPSEA ended in January of this year, it is the hope of many to see similar collaborations continue.


The micro can be just as beautiful as the macro to geologists … take a look for yourself.