DEG Spheres of Influence September 2016

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Table of Contents


Get to know the new DEG. Meet the new 2016-17 DEG officers and new managing editor of the SOI newsletter. DEG President Timothy Murin also discusses the goals of the Division for this year and welcomes comments on how to improve the Division.


The latest Environmental Geosciences offers a look at the world – read a brief description of articles from the September 2016 issue.


What is the DEG? Get a refresher of the mission statement and purpose of the Division of Environmental Geosciences.


Meet the new Editor-in-Chief of the DEG.


Meet the founder of Testa Environmental Corporation Stephen Testa.


Accessing the inaccessible oil and gas above the Arctic Circle. New regulations and the arctic environment create obstacles to this virtually untapped resource.

Making a bigger splash, the Devil’s Tower in Northeastern Wyoming is revealing more and more of itself as time passes.