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Current Issue: October 2022

The October EXPLORER is our annual Geophysical Review issue, and so we provide an overview of the current state of the industry. We also cover the latest development in the age-old debate over abiotic methane, we take a look at a major lithium find in Nevada and what it means for geoscientists, we cover some current events in the form of the looming winter energy crisis in Europe, as well as some highlights from the recent IMAGE 2022 in Houston, along with all of our regular features and columns.

The AAPG EXPLORER is the monthly tabloid magazine of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists that covers news of interest to the AAPG membership. Contents include coverage of the entire span of energy interest, with emphasis on exploration for hydrocarbons and energy minerals. Breaking news stories, features, profiles of personalities, comment columns and Association information is included.

The AAPG EXPLORER is read by more than 42,000 members and friends of the Association in 129 countries.

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