AAPG Returns to Europe for Milan ICE

Italy will be in the AAPG spotlight in October as it becomes, for the first time ever, the host country for the AAPG International Conference and Exhibition.

This year’s ICE will be held Oct. 23-26 in Milan, at the Milano Convention Centre, crafted on the theme “Following Da Vinci’s Footsteps to Future Energy Resources: Innovations From Outcrops to Assets.”

The Milan ICE, in addition to offering more than 500 paper and poster presentations, also will feature a large exhibition hall, a featured luncheon talk by former BP executive Tony Hayward, a plenary session that touches the da Vinci theme from a professional and industry perspective, plus special forums that focus on:

  • The Business of Energy – Keys to Profitability.
  • New Technology Directions in Exploration and Production.
  • Professional Issues for Professional Geologists.

ICE general chair Jonathan Craig said the meeting will celebrate and aspire to the creative vision and spirit of innovation historically associated with Milan and the region – and the technical program is specifically designed for international audiences.

“Our committee has assembled an exceptional program covering advances in all the hot topics of petroleum geoscience,” Craig said.

Milan’s geological setting is an added bonus, he said.

“Milan is located at the foot of the Alps, where spectacular carbonate outcrops provide analogs for many of the world’s most prolific carbonate reservoirs,” he said.

“It is most appropriate,” he said, “that the theme of ‘Carbonate Reservoirs – From Pores to Productions,’ together with a special focus on exploration and production in the Alpine-Himalaya Fold Belt and Foreland Basins from Europe and North Africa to South Asia, will make this conference a landmark event.”

Technical program co-chair Pablo Flores, points specifically to a session on Europe, North Africa and the Balkans as being “particularly relevant” for European petroleum geology, and cited papers on the Levant Basin, one of the Region’s current hot areas of exploration, as well as a number of presentations dealing with unconventional resources.

Other “highly anticipated presentations,” according to Flores and co-chair Keith Gerdes, include:

  • Papers on the Brazilian and West African subsalt reservoirs and rifted margin exploration.
  • A special focus on east Africa geology and exploration.
  • Updates and new looks at the Middle East.

Online registration and details of the technical program and ICE events remains open.

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