David Roberts Symposium

A three-day international conference honoring the life and work of AAPG Honorary member David Roberts will be held April 14-16 at Royal Holloway University, London, England.

The conference will be titled “Basin Dynamics and Petroleum Systems: Geophysics, Structure, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Geochemistry.”

Roberts, who died last July, started his professional career at the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, where his groundbreaking research on the evolution of continental margins led to the award of a Doctorate of Science from Manchester University.

He then started a 22-year career in BP as the head of its newly formed basins studies group, which culminated in his role as distinguished adviser in global exploration, the company’s highest geoscience role.

He also was visiting professor and an Honorary Fellow of Royal Holloway University of London.

After retiring from BP Roberts became an international consultant and served as a non-executive director of Premier Oil while also teaching at Royal Holloway and elsewhere. He also was the founding editor in chief of the Journal Marine and Petroleum Geology – a position he held for more than 20 years.

In addition to being an AAPG Honorary member Roberts served as president of the AAPG European Region. Other honors included receiving the Petroleum Group’s silver medal from the Geological Society of London.

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