Canadian YPs Bring FOCUS to GeoConvention

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

And now for something completely different …

This May, the AAPG Canada Region Young Professionals Committee will be co-hosting a YP/student-focused session with the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG) and the Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) at GeoConvention 2014 in Calgary, Canada.

The GeoConvention theme is “FOCUS,” and for the very first time GeoConvention will put that focus on its young members during a forum titled “On Belay – FOCUSing on the Climb That is a Career in Geoscience.”

On Belay will consist of two components:

A morning session with presentations from senior Canadian energy industry professionals – many of who are AAPG, CSPG and CSEG leaders.

An afternoon session where young professionals from across the country will take the stage.

If you are a student or a professional just beginning a career in geoscience, this is not to be missed!

The concept for this session was inspired by and based on conversations with the students and YPs – presentations will be tailored to answer the common questions these demographics have about the industry while at the same time providing insight for senior professionals on the mindset the next generation has regarding their industry.

Some of the questions include:

  • What are the energy industry’s current and future technical requirements?
  • What steps can I take to gain employment in the competitive Canadian job environment?
  • Where/how do I fit in with a professional society?
  • Is active membership in a professional society beneficial to my current and future success?
  • What are human resources (HR) – and what does HR really look for in a résumé?
  • What can I expect in my first few years of work in the energy industry?
  • How important is a network? How does one network?

On Belay’s morning talks will provide students and young professionals the opportunity to hear from an experienced multidisciplinary panel of speakers that represent all geoscience organizations in Canada.

They include:

♦ Ron Bailey – Senior vice president-gas and tight oil, Nexen Energy ULC, who will discuss his career path and one of the hot topics in the Canadian energy industry – liquefied natural gas (LNG) – including a glimpse at Nexen Energy’s LNG strategy and what LNG may mean for the future of Canada.

♦ Dale Leckie – CSPG president, Nexen Energy ULC.

♦ Ron Larson – CSEG president, RPS Boyd PetroSearch, who will present his thoughts on industry cycles, emerging economies, the technical skills required in the pursuit of tight and self-sourced hydrocarbons and finally, environmental stewardship.

♦ Tom Sneddon – APEGA director of geoscience and outreach, who will talk on the importance of professionalism.

♦ Astrid Arts – CSPG finance director-elect, Cenovus Energy, who will provide “A Girl’s Guide to The Oil Patch.”

♦ Holly Ivanko and Nancy Eaton-Doke – campus recruitment, Nexen Energy ULC, will provide resume tips and shed light on the important considerations students should make when applying for a job.

The afternoon talks will highlight six young professionals – YPs who will discuss their experience working in the energy industry, training programs at large companies, comparisons and contrasts in E&P and service companies, touch on the finer points of networking and inform students on what they can expect as they transition (or “bridge”) from student to YP.

The YP speakers include:

  • Jesse Schoengut – Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.
  • Frank Ryan – Chevron.
  • Tiffany Yaxley – Roke Technologies Ltd.
  • Marc Enter – SGS Canada Inc.
  • Ryan Lemiski – Nexen Energy ULC.
  • Greg Baniak – BP Canada

Please note these talks are not solely for the benefit of YPs and students. Senior geoscience colleagues are encouraged to attend and be part of a dialogue on some of the important issues facing YPs and students.

(Only by engaging our senior colleagues can we begin to address concerns such as the impending “great crew change” and how to properly capture the wealth of knowledge and experience of the individuals that have worked in this industry for 30-plus years.)

On Belay’s program has something for everyone, and it highlights growing collaboration among AAPG, CSPG and CSEG. Presentations will provide a perspective on the different benefits professional organizations offer their members – and evidence that being an active member can lead to a large support network and a long successful career in geoscience.

We hope to see you at GeoConvention!

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ProTracks - Marc Enter

Marc Enter, with SGS Canada Inc., Alberta, Canada, is a member of the Canada Region YP Committee.


ProTracks - Ryan Lemiski

Ryan Lemiski, with Nexen Energy in Canada, is AAPG’s Canada Region vice president/Canada Region YP lead.


“ProTracks” is an ongoing feature of the EXPLORER, offering news and information pertinent to getting started or getting better in your career.

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AAPG’s Young Professionals Committee oversees this event, pairing students and young professionals with experienced AAPG attendees who then guide newcomers through the convention experience.

It works like this: Students and YPs are paired with experienced professionals who then serve as their host/guide for the opening session and subsequent Icebreaker reception in the exhibition hall, introducing them to other AAPG members and their colleagues.

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