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Pacific Section YPs Stay Connected in Bakersfield  
By Brandi Johnson, Becca Schemp / September 2016

The Pacific Section’s Young Professionals Special Interest Group is working to be more involved and active in the wake of the current industry environment.

YPs Stampede into Calgary: Highlights from YP Events at ACE 2016  
By Meredith Faber / August 2016

For the first time during ACE, AAPG Young Professionals held a YP-only field trip and attempted an ambitious four-event program.

 YPs Enjoy Conversation, Cleanups and Crawfish  
By Lauren Storm, Calvin Nix / July 2016

Conditions may presently be far from ideal in our industry, but they will get better. Downturns are always followed by recovery and growth. We take these times to learn, develop and improve, while at the same time, hanging on for dear life. Every now and then though, we need to stop, take a breath, forget our troubles and have a good time.

AAPG Involvement Equals Career Success  
By Low Wan Ching / June 2016

My participation in AAPG activities has always been a source of wonderful memories. To this day, I strongly believe that my active involvement in AAPG YP Chapter leadership was key to obtaining scholarships and advancing my geoscience studies.

 A Journey with AAPG: From Student to Professional Geologist  
By Joyanta Dutta / May 2016

Joyanta Dutta, development geologist for Chevron Bangladesh, wrote the winning non-technical article of the AAPG Middle Region Young Professionals 2016 Article Contest.

Canada Region YPs Prepare for ACE 2016, Ramp Up Activities  
By Robyn Paul, Katie Power, Meriem Grifi / April 2016

The Canada Region Young Professional (YP) Committee has been making great strides to increase awareness and activities for YP members in the Region. Our current initiatives include improving the student-to-YP transition, collaborating with other societies and expanding knowledge of the YP program beyond Calgary, Canada’s central oil patch.

YPs Urge Unemployed to Persevere  
By Jonathan Allen, Meredith Faber, Ryan Lemiski / March 2016

As we’re all aware, the oil and gas industry is currently in the middle of a downturn. This isn’t the first and it won’t be the last.

What Does the Future Geologist Look Like?  
By Matt Boyce / February 2016

A popular topic among educators and recruiters in our discipline is what geology, and the people who practice it, will look like in the future. It’s an interesting question when you consider the origins of our discipline, its pioneers and how both geology and its practitioners have evolved in the past 100 years.

Stemming the Loss of YPs  
By Jonathan Allen / December 2015
The 6th annual Young Professionals Leadership Summit (YPLS) was held in Houston with the AAPG Mid-Year Business Meetings in October. Nine attendees participated in the three-day event intended to give Young Professionals (YPs) a greater understanding of AAPG, the opportunity to discuss issues currently facing YPs within the Association, and the chance to network with the current leadership.
Finding Opportunity In Downturn  
By Meredith Faber / November 2015

The current industry downturn has made the job market a daunting place for new graduates and YPs, but meetings like GCAGS 2015 provide a venue for new opportunities and professional growth – and perhaps some came away with a new fondness for the GRBCC as well.

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YP Summit Produces Camaraderie, New Ideas

For the fourth consecutive year, the Young Professionals Leadership Summit (YPLS) was organized prior to AAPG Leadership Days, which this year was held recently in Tulsa.

Joining AAPG - Good Idea, or Great?
When you join a new company, they provide a lot of resources for a budding career. As a result, you might question why you would need AAPG, let alone need to volunteer for the Association. Actually, there are several reasons AAPG can be good for you.

YP Membership, Activities Are Booming
The Southwest Section (SWS) Young Professionals (YPs) have had a great start to 2014.

“What is the future of energy?”

YPs Plan Networking Opportunities in Long Beach

The AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) is almost upon us, and that’s good news to young professionals who want to begin building a professional network that will serve us the rest of our careers.

YPs Urge Unemployed to Persevere

As we’re all aware, the oil and gas industry is currently in the middle of a downturn. This isn’t the first and it won’t be the last.

YP ‘Meets’ Prove Effective

AAPG’s Young Professional Meet-n-Greet and the Young Professional Network Challenge events continue to prove themselves to be powerful networking forums for individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and in all stages of their careers.


Young Professionals Eager to See Simplification

A crucial part of the AAPG Young Professionals Committee’s mission statement includes “building an understanding of the value of a lasting relationship between AAPG and young professional members.” Therefore, we felt it important to voice our views on the proposal to eliminate the sponsorship requirement to become a full member of AAPG.

Enter the Young: YPs Making an Impact – NOW

Even with its 100th birthday just around the corner, AAPG is looking younger every day.

Community Outreach Offers Rewards for YPs

YPs are in an excellent position to perform community service. For the most part, our backs and knees are still in good shape – but more importantly, since YPs are making the transition from school to the work force, they make excellent liaisons between young/future geologists and the professional geoscience community.

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