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YPs Enter New Era with SIG, Leadership Team  
By Robyn Dicks, Ryan Lemiski / August 2017

Beginning with the 2017–18 fiscal year, the new YP SIG leadership team comprises co-chairs Robynn Dicks and Ryan Lemiski, vice-chairs Maxim Kotenev and Juan Carlos Quinto, AAPG Programs Team Lead Susie Nolan and AAPG President-elect Denise Cox.

Crawfish Boil Serves Up More Than Food  
By Cliff Mauroner / July 2017

Such events are beneficial to AAPG YPs and prospective YP SIG and Association members alike. They provide a forum not only for students seeking advice on career paths, for recent graduates looking to build their professional networks, but also for promoting the local geological society, AAPG, and the YP SIG.

YP Co-Chairs' Wild Ride  
By Jonathan Allen, Meredith Faber / June 2017

This ProTracks marks our last column as chairs of the Young Professionals Special Interest Group (YP SIG). We have been involved with the YPs for a collective 17 years.

SIGs and TIGs Open  to Non-members  
By Jonathan Allen / May 2017

The Association leadership has made the decision to allow non-members to temporarily join SIGs and TIGs to preview what these groups have to offer.

Canada Region YPs Continue Momentum  
By Meriem Grifi / April 2017

The Canada Region young professionals (YPs) had a great finish to 2016, including welcoming some new members to the organizing committee.

The ABCs of DPA for YPs  
The Young Professionals Special Interest Group / March 2017

Knowing how to speak the language of geoscience is one thing; fluency in petroleum geoscience as a profession is another. Fortunately, AAPG has a resource to improve professional proficiency and it’s an acronym every Member should know: DPA.

Turning it to (Theme) 11: Highlighting YP Activities at ACE 2017  
Young Professionals Special Interest Group
/ February 2017

Despite the fact that we’re still a couple months out from the 100th Anniversary AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) in Houston, it’s never too early to start planning your meeting itinerary.

A Win-Win for Science and Students: YPs Hold First 'One-Day Tech Conference'  
By Matt Boyce / January 2017

One subject missing from the industry conversation is – not just discussing how to help those colleagues in transition or offering advice to students looking for jobs – but actually doing something about those challenges.

YP Leadership Summit: YPs Focus on Correcting the Value Gap  
By Jonathan Allen / December 2016

The 7th annual Young Professionals Leadership Summit was held this October in Houston as part of the AAPG Mid-Year Business Meeting.

Catching Up With the Eastern Section YPs  
By Merril Stypula / November 2016

The Eastern Section Young Professional network has held a variety of recent events for networking, learning and creating a solid basis for careers.

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Africa Region YPs Find Collaboration Works

The benefits and impact of effective collaboration were easily evident at the AAPG Young Professionals’ booth at the 2012 Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) conference, held Nov. 11-15 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Milan to Host Young Pros

AAPG's Young Professionals Committee will be the hosts for the "Meet and Greet" event at the upcoming AAPG International Conference and Exhibition in Milan, Italy – the first time the event has been held on European soil.

YPs Busy in Long Beach

ProTracks: AAPG’s Young Professionals initiative took another big step forward with three specific – and successful – events at the recent AAPG annual convention.

YPs Stampede into Calgary: Highlights from YP Events at ACE 2016

For the first time during ACE, AAPG Young Professionals held a YP-only field trip and attempted an ambitious four-event program.

YP Events Prove Big In Pittsburgh

AAPG’s Young Professionals (YPs) played host for a couple of specific successful activities at this year’s AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) in Pittsburgh – events that have become regular fixtures on the ACE agenda.

Canada Region YPs Continue Momentum

The Canada Region young professionals (YPs) had a great finish to 2016, including welcoming some new members to the organizing committee.


Young Professionals Eager to See Simplification

A crucial part of the AAPG Young Professionals Committee’s mission statement includes “building an understanding of the value of a lasting relationship between AAPG and young professional members.” Therefore, we felt it important to voice our views on the proposal to eliminate the sponsorship requirement to become a full member of AAPG.

A Message From One of the ‘Oldest New Guys’

At the age of 33 and with 10 years of work experience in the oil and gas field under my belt, I find myself at a transition point that I never thought much about.

YP Membership, Activities Are Booming
The Southwest Section (SWS) Young Professionals (YPs) have had a great start to 2014.

YPs Offer Valuable Tips

For Rookie Geologists

Interviewing for that first internship or full-time position can be a daunting process – but the AAPG YPs are here to help.

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