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What You Can Control In the Downturn  
By Michael R. Canich / April 2016

In the past eight months, our industry has continued to be challenged by low commodity prices resulting in difficult times for many geoscientists in our industry. To everyone who has been affected and to those of you who are concerned that you will be, remember to stay focused and be optimistic about your future.

Spreading the Word: DPA-Sponsored Playmaker Forum  
By Michael R. Canich / January 2016
In the interest of continuing my theme of “Spreading the Word” about AAPG’s Division of Professional Affairs, here’s an update on some exciting events organized by DPA members for the spring of 2016. Many of you may be familiar with the Playmaker concept, as we have previously held five very successful events.
Spread the Word About DPA-Sponsored Forums  
By Michael R. Canich / October 2015
The DPA continues to work to provide scientific, business and professional support to its members through sponsored forums.
This Year’s Theme: Spreading the Word About DPA  
By Michael R. Canich / July 2015
Over the past year as DPA president-elect I considered choosing a theme for my term in office. As I spoke with active and associate AAPG members, I realized very few of them knew of all the great programs DPA offers.
DPA Offers Professional Support, Long and Short-Term  
By Rick Fritz / April 2015
It’s not surprising that the price of oil and gas has a direct effect on attendance to AAPG and DPA programs. Like you, I hope this downturn is not too deep or too wide, and we can make adjustments and continue to grow.
DPA Lays Out Goals, Strategies For Coming Year  
By Rick Fritz / January 2015

Recently, the AAPG Division of Professional Affairs held its mid-year meeting in Tulsa, and this year focused on the “Culture of Greatness” – the ability of our industry and profession to provide resources.

Top 10 Reasons to Join DPA  
/ October 2014

As AAPG Division of Professional Affairs president I am often asked, “What is the DPA’s purpose?” I decided one of the best ways to answer this question is take the Letterman approach with a Top 10 list of purposes and reasons to be part of DPA.

Season Premiere: A New Theme for DPA  
By Rick Fritz / July 2014
During my term as DPA president this year our theme will be “Culture of Greatness.” This may sound arrogant, but I think it is important to recognize and promote the culture of professionalism and discovery that has provided cheap energy for mankind for more than 100 years.
Sponsorship Change Would Be a Good Move  
By Valary Schulz / April 2014

The proposal to eliminate sponsors for membership will remove any impediment to a speedy application process by which qualified candidates for membership in our fine organization may be welcomed. I believe this will be good for the AAPG and good for the DPA.

Change By Any Name Brings New Challenges  
By Valary Schulz / January 2014

Have you ever heard a phrase in conversation or through the media and thought that you had a vague understanding of the meaning – but carried on with your misunderstanding?

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Division Column-DPA

The Division of Professional Affairs (DPA), a division of AAPG, seeks to promote professionalism and ethical standards, provide a means for professional certification of petroleum geologists, coal geologists, and petroleum geophysicists, assist in career planning, and improve the professional well-being of AAPG members. For more information about the DPA and its activities, visit the DPA website.

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