AAPG, DPA Oppose Board Move   
By Paul Britt / January 2010

In late September, the Division of Professional Affairs, through past president Rick Ericksen, was contacted by the California Association of Professional Geologists (CAPG), which is seeking support to block a move by the state of California to eliminate the Board of Professional Geologists and Geophysicists (BGG) and merge it into the Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (BPELS).

Legislator Confab Is Educational   
By Paul Britt / October 2009

The National Conference of State Legislatures was held in July this year in Philadelphia, and as DPA president I had the opportunity, along with GEO-DC Director David Curtiss and Don Juckett, to represent the AAPG.

DPA Goal: Bring Value to Members   
By Paul Britt / July 2009

The Division of Professional Affairs has in recent years accomplished a number of tasks to benefit its members.

DPA Has Full Slate of Activities   
By Cliff Clark / April 2009

The Division of Professional Affairs will have an exciting and active profile at the upcoming AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, set June 7- 10 in Denver, the “Queen City of the Plains.”

It’s All About Professionalism  
By Rick Ericksen / January 2009

Since 1965, when the Division of Professional Affairs was formed, the term professionalism equates to membership in the Division and strict adherence to the AAPG’s Code of Ethics as found in Article IV of the AAPG’s Constitution.

DPA to Offer Online Ethics Courses  
By Rick Ericksen / October 2008
Currently, two of the ethics courses are nearing completion and moving toward being produced for distribution after editorial review for content. 
Legislation Tracking Service Planned  
By Rick Ericksen / July 2008
To begin with, this being the first of several articles that are one of the many responsibilities of the DPA president, I didn’t know where to begin or what to write.
DPA Agenda Full in San Antonio  
By Thomas Ewing / April 2008
The AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition is the single greatest exercise in professional development that we have as energy geoscientists.
Pathways to Profession Have Tales  
By Thomas Ewing / January 2008
What Does 'Professional' Mean?  
By Thomas Ewing / October 2007

Thomas Ewing discusses the aspects of being a professional.

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The Division of Professional Affairs (DPA), a division of AAPG, seeks to promote professionalism and ethical standards, provide a means for professional certification of petroleum geologists, coal geologists, and petroleum geophysicists, assist in career planning, and improve the professional well-being of AAPG members. For more information about the DPA and its activities, visit the DPA website.

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