Voting commences for 2014-15 Executive Committee Officers

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

If you are a Member with current membership in AAPG and have an email address in your Member record, you received an email with instructions for casting your vote electronically for Executive Committee offices.

On Monday, 3 March, emails were sent to all association Members with voting privileges. Associate and Student members do not have voting privileges. Only those who have followed the steps to qualify as an AAPG "Member" have this privilege. See AAPG Members Types.

In this email is a unique link taking you directly into the voting site. It includes unique permissions for your access to the ballot for online voting.

If you prefer not to use this method a paper ballot is being delivered to you through the customary ground service.

Members are deciding who will fill the offices for the President-Elect (2014-15), Vice President-Sections (2014-16), and Treasurer (2014-16).

For the past several months the AAPG EXPLORER and website have included information about the people standing for office. Included on the website are personal interviews with the candidates and their CV along with a statement as to why they accepted the nomination to stand for an AAPG office.

The ballot does not include these videos nor the statement so before you go to the ballot you may want to review the candidates' information.

Review the Candidates Now.

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