Announcing This Year's AAPG Honorees

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

The AAPG Executive Committee has approved the following list of honors and award winners. The awards will be presented during the opening ceremony of the 2017 Annual Convention & Exhibition, set for April 2-5 in Houston.

Honorees are:
Sidney Powers Memorial Award

Lawrence D. Meckel (Rocky Mountain)

Michel T. Halbouty Outstanding Leadership Award

Edward D. Dolly (Rocky Mountain)

Honorary Member Award

Katharine "Lee" Avary (Eastern)

David R. Cook (Europe)

Steven M. Goolsby (Rocky Mountain)

Leslie B. Magoon (Pacific)

Walter "Rusty" Riese (Gulf Coast)

James P. Rogers (Rocky Mountain)

Norman H. Foster Outstanding Explorer Award

Terry Mather (Rocky Mountain)

Robert R. Berg Outstanding Research Award

Julie LeFever (Rocky Mountain)

Distinguished Service Award

Fowzia Abdullah (Middle East)

Anwar M. Al-Beaiji (Middle East)

Sylvia Anjos (Latin America and Caribbean)

Mary Broussard (Gulf Coast)

Richard D. Fritz (Mid-Continent)

Creties D. Jenkins (Pacific)

Kurt Neher (Pacific)

Robert N. Ryan (Gulf Coast)

Lawrence H. Wickstrom (Eastern)

Grover E. Murray Memorial Distinguished Educator Award

Norman J. Hyne (Mid-Continent)

Cari L. Johnson (Rocky Mountain)

Harrison Schmitt Award

Julia Gardner (posthumous) (Pacific)

Zhongjian Qiu (Asia Pacific)

Public Service Award

Friends of Dinosaur Ridge (Rocky Mountain)

W. Lynn Watney (Mid-Continent)

Pioneer Award

John Oty (Rocky Mountain)

Geosciences in the Media Award

Michael Collier (Rocky Mountain)

Young Professionals Exemplary Service Award (New)

Aisha A. Al-Bulushi (Middle East)

Catherine E. Campbell (Rocky Mountain)

Nick Lagrillière (Europe)

Ryan Lemiski (Canada)

Publication Awards

Wallace E. Pratt Memorial Award

Keith W. Shanley and Robert M. Cluff (posthumous)

Robert H. Dott Sr. Memorial Award

Dana S. Ulmer-Scholle, Peter A. Scholle, Juergen Schieber and Robert J. Raine

J.C. "Cam" Sproule Memorial Award

Joseph M. English, Grenville A. Lunn, Luke Ferreira and George Yacu

John W. Shelton Search and Discovery Award

Mike Blum, Kristy T. Milliken, John W. Snedden and William E. Galloway

George C. Matson Memorial Award (Best Paper at ACE)

Martin J. Kennedy

Jules Braunstein Memorial Award (Best Poster at ACE)

Jenna M. DiMarzio, Svetoslav, V. Georgiev, Holly Stein and Judith Hannah

SEG/AAPG Best Paper in Interpretation Journal Award

Roderick Perez Altimar and Kurt J. Marfurt

Gabriel Dengo Memorial Award (Best Paper at ICE)

Thomas Murphy

Ziad Beydoun Memorial Award (Best Poster at ICE)

Daniel Emiliano Bolaños-Rodriguez, Manuel Cruz-Castillo and Adriana Acosta‌-‌Angeles

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