New SIG is Aimed at IBA Alumni

IBA Announces New Special Interest Group (SIG)

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
Contributors: Jensen Angelloz

The AAPG’s Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) committee is excited and proud to announce the formation of the IBA Special Interest Group (SIG). The IBA program has a long history of providing graduate students interested in a petroleum career an informative, and educational experience while working with real-world datasets. Since the program’s 15 years with AAPG, it has lacked an alumni network, but that has now changed!

The primary goal of the IBA SIG is to create a network of past participants of the IBA program allowing a great source of networking for the young geoscientists entering the industry. The SIG will maintain relationships and foster communication between the IBA committee and alumni network through social media, spotlight articles and social events.

Two great young professionals were selected to lead the SIG from its infancy, Candice Pettijohn and Jensen Angelloz. Both of these YP’s participated in the program and understand the importance of providing this world-class experience to young geoscientists. If you are interested in volunteering for the SIG, please reach out to Candice or Jensen at . All IBA alumni please forward your name, contact information and your current role to the same email address.

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