Learning is important—now more than ever. How do you equip yourself for changing times? How do you deepen and broaden your knowledge? Here is an informal place to find out what we’re doing, what we’re planning, and how we’re listening to you. Dr. Susan Nash, AAPG’s Director of Education and Professional Development, shares the new territory she’s introducing to AAPG with courses and dynamic new workshops. She is also planning more interactive, Web 2.0 offerings. So, give her your input about the best and worst of the wild and woolly world of webinars, Web-based training, and open courseware.

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Drones are currently being used in many applications, including pipeline and tank inspections, as well as methane leaks and seeps. Money is being saved. Resources are being discovered. But, behind the use of most drones and UAVs is the issue of safely and legally operating beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS). Welcome to an interview with Jim Cieplak, who talks to us today about his work with Harris Corporation and BVLOS solutions.

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Deep-water reservoirs are more important than ever as we gain more understanding of how complex systems have resulted in prolific reservoirs that possess often surprising volumes of oil and gas that are very long-lived, due in part to the existence of compartments often with high permeability and porosity.

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Imagine a Google Earth image, but with much higher resolution and combined with analytics that make new relationships and surface information clear in ways that were never possible before. And, imagine this at a fraction of the cost you imagined. Welcome to an interview with Mark E. Romano, Harris Geospatial Corporation.

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Being able to obtain "at the bit" information while drilling continues to result in dramatic improvements in drilling and profitability, as geologists are able to geosteer more accurately and stay in the zone, and they're able to target sweet spots. Welcome to an interview with Zach Boyer, who discusses the way his company is optimizing information gained at the bit.

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Find out the secrets of the success of the Mid-Continent’s STACK and SCOOP plays. Attend the AAPG DPA MidContinent Playmaker Forum on May 11 in Oklahoma City and learn directly from the operators who have had the most success.

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It is incredibly important to match the reservoir types with equipment such as compressors. Such is particularly the case in the new “hybrid” unconventional plus conventional plays in the Delaware Basin of the Permian and the STACK play of Oklahoma. Welcome to an interview with Paul Munding, Flogistix (http://flogistix.com/), who explains how geological knowledge is essentially in optimizing production equipment.

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If you've wondered about mature fields in our current environment here's a very preliminary list of some of the ways technology is being used to revitalize mature fields.

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While we often talk about what drones can do, we often do not think about what the drone pilot experiences, particularly in a time of rapid step changes in technology. Welcome to an interview with Charles Winfree, Aviation Unmanned (http://www.aviationunmanned.com/) who discusses the challenges and opportunities of using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

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In addition to bypassed, stranded, or overlooked pay, there is also pay that was left behind because the well was perforated in the wrong zone, thanks to a phenomenon known as “pipe creep.” Teddy Pledger talks to us today about the potential for new production in wells in which the perfs might have missed the best part of the pay. It could be an excellent opportunity for enterprising geologists, especially if they team up with a petrophysicist.

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Creativity and the innovative use of technology are hallmarks of successful geologists, and often the best engineering breakthroughs are possible because of the specialized knowledge and in-depth understanding of the earth. Welcome to an interview with Daniel Flores, an AAPG member who lives and works in Peru, who has developed an innovative slim-hole drilling and sampling tool that can work in many settings.

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