AAPG's First China GTW Probes the Mysteries of Deep and Ultra-Deep Petroleum Systems

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

The first AAPG Beijing Geosciences Technology Workshop, October 26-28, took place in Beijing and represented a number of "firsts." The theme was "Deep and Ultra-Deep Petroleum Systems: What We Know and Don't Know" and the event featured a strong technical program and international cases and topics.

With a focus on looking at problems from many points of view, and being willing to consider new, potentially game-changing technologies, the event inspired enthusiastic responses. “We are enormously impressed by unparalleled open-mindedness of the workshop participants to radically new ideas, which gives inspiration for further research,” wrote Oleg Batalin, Naila Vafina, and Mikhail Zakharov who traveled from Russia to participate.

Here are significant highlights and "firsts."
  • Approximately 200 people including 40 students attended the three day GTW; two AAPG student chapters (China University of Petroleum (Beijing) and China University of Petroleum (East China)) provided voluntary support;
  • The GTW was co-sponsored by AAPG, Chinese Petroleum Society and China University of Petroleum (East China), Geological Society of China with support from SINOPEC, PetroChina and the Dagang Oilfield, CNPC. Fang Hao of CUP-East China, and Zhengzhang Zhao gave welcoming addresses.
  • It is the first event co-organized by the AAPG-China University of Petroleum (East China) Research Center, led President Fang Hao; Professor Keyu Liu was key liaison on the China side.
  • AAPG Asia-Pacific leadership was in attendance, including Vice President Mark Tingay (Petronas) and Young Professionals Chair Chun Hock Tan (Shell), along with Susan Nash, AAPG.
  • Presenters and participants from 8 countries: USA, UK, Russia, Norway, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and China attended the GTW
  • There were 33 oral presentations, 12 poster presentations and one AAPG promotional talk for students and yang professionals by Hock Tan; Five best posters were awarded for students and postdoctoral research fellows;
  • In addition to international presenters, some of China’s top technical experts gave papers, including Chenzao Jia, Youngsheng Ma, Zhijun Jin, Xianzheng Zhao, Zhiliang He, Chunfang Cai, and Guanghui Yuan.
  • Technical talks ranged from deep-water and onshore deep-strata; from carbonate, clastic, mixed and shale plays, comprising methodology, analogues, case study, innovative models, emerging technology, outlook assessment.
  • Geographically case studies from North America (Anadarko Basin, GOM, Mexico), Siberia, Germany, Venezuela, Latin America, Africa, North Sea, Turkey, Read Sea and numerous Chinese basins including South China Sea, Songliao Basin, Sichuan Basin, Tarim Basin, Junggar Basin, Ordos Basin and Bohai Bay Basin,

The program and extended abstracts can be found here: "Deep and Ultra-Deep Petroleum Systems: What We Know and Don't Know"

More responses by participants:

"The AAPG GTW in Beijing highlighted innovative approaches to 21st century industry challenges in deep and ultra-deep petroleum systems that will inspire drilling campaigns not only in China, but in analogous basins worldwide." — Jon Rotzien, Basin Dynamics

"This AAPG GTW conference is truly a great opportunity to extend my experience on global deep reservoir and enlightened the ideas of benchmarking different reservoirs to solve the similar challenges in the future work!" — Jing Zhang, University of Oklahoma

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